Purchase a gift with our Gift More method.

Buy direct from us (UK only).

We can donate an extra 20-30p per card or envelope and up to 60p extra for our seed gifts if you buy direct (compared to Etsy).

The price of the item may also be cheaper than Etsy (Etsy charge a lot of fees for small sellers with low cost gifts).

If you see a buy now option, you can pay straight away – but don’t forget to tell us any personalisation using a method below!

We can securely take card payments, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How to order – UK customers

1) Find the “Gift More” code(s) of the card/envelope(s) you would like to buy.

This will be listed in our shop for that item, the Etsy item description (at the end) , or in a Facebook post or Tweet for that item. We only store data required by law and will not use your details to contact you unless we have an order query.

2) When you are ready to purchase send us the form below. You can also message us using Twitter, Facebook or Instagram messages, simply giving the Gift More code.

3) Between 3 and 8pm (or instantly depending on how you have contacted us) you will receive a link to our safe and secure checkout run by Stripe Payments (example below). We can accept most card payments and Apple Pay / Google payments.

Payment screen example

Your price will have postage included (first class via Royal Mail). Prices are listed on our website and across social media. Personalised items take 1 week to make from when we receive the information and are not refundable.

Full Sale Terms and Conditions.

Etsy Shopping

You can visit our 5 star Etsy shop to purchase our gifts (prices may be up to 15% higher to cover increasing Etsy fees).

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