New gift card envelopes.

Gift More Code: Sunny

£5.00 including p&p.

Size : Small 9×5.8 cm

Make a note of the Gift More Code and envelope or card size.

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Handmade, reusable, envelope made from heavy weight card with ribbon slide fastener.

Takes one standard sized gift card holder / membership card (or folded money) and includes one blank ornate insert for you to write your personal message.

A small envelope with watercolour painted flowers in pots. A sunflower fastener on the front. Gift card holder envelope.

Mini sunflower personalised seed gifts.

Gift More Code: Sunflower

Buy this sunflower gift using the Gift More Code above and tell us if you want dwarf or giant seed varieties (and your personalised message)

£6.50 including p&p.

Sunflower mini message and seed gift

A luxury personalised mini gift set suitable for all occasions. Gifts that give nature a helping hand.

Please consider these take 12-15 weeks to flower and are best planted in spring. Seed will keep for next year if kept dry and in a dark place.

Gift pack contains:

A luxury hand made mini gift envelope with natural jute slide fastener and sunflower embellishment.

Reusable and made from designer print, heavy weight card containing:

  • 1 pack of sunflower seeds
  • 5 Classic ‘Giant’ seeds or 5 Dwarf variety.


1 personalised ‘credit card sized’ insert with planting instructions.

Tell us your message when ordering.

About the sunflowers:

Giant Single – Reaching a height of over 160 cm

Dwarf: 30-60 cm tall and great in borders or plant pots (inside or outside).

Other seed gifts available – please have a browse in my shop.

All money after material costs goes to charity (see my shop for full details).

Ships in 7 working days, first class to the U.K. Please allow a few weeks to receive then as first class is very slow due to increased use of post. Thank you.

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