Woodland themed gift card holder.

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£5.00 including p&p.

Size : 9 x 5.8 cm (gift card size)

Handmade, reusable, envelope made from heavy weight card with ribbon slide fastener. Ornate insert included for your message. Orange cat embellishment.

Deer / stag / woodland theme.

Top ten ways people use our envelopes.

The envelope takes one standard sized gift card holder / membership card (or folded money) etc.

Not for children under age 6. Choking hazard.

Woodland animal cards

My new range of cards feature U.K. and USA wildlife. Deer, squirrels, snails, rabbits, birds, otters, swans … and beautiful plants and habitats.

Woodland Animals

A set of gorgeous gift card presentation envelopes featuring forest and woodland animals. Foxes, Squirrels, hedgehogs, birds, deer, rabbits and more.

Each has a bronze tone tree of life charm and is beautifully patterned on the inside. Available in size large on request.

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