Step 2 – Secure Payment

If you chose ‘pay once’, you do not need to do anything else – just wait for your secure payment link via e-mail. Items will be held for 24 hours after the link is sent.


Please select one of the following – the number of cards, seed gifts, small or large envelopes you ordered:

Envelope: Size small or large

Size: Small

Qty: 1 or more

£3.00 + postage

Size: Large

Qty: 1 or more

£4.50 + postage


1 Luxury envelope

Qty 1


Seed gift envelope

Qty 1 – 3

£4.00 each

Single Cards

Qty 1-10

£3.50 each

2 card pack

Qty 1-5

£5.50 per pack

1 Seed gift set

(card and seed plus envelope)

You will be able to select your postage when you pay.

Shipping examples

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