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Cards with seed gift sets for charity

These packs make a beautiful and memorable gift for any occasion.

Each gift set is hand made and includes a dimensional card, personalised booklet and seed pack.

The sunflower pack has a textured golden handmade card that is blank for your message.

Each seed and card gift set comes with a seed pack – and a booklet that has a personalised message for the recipient. Birthday, Retirement they can be personalised for all occasions.

This sunflower pack has 4 types of sunflowers and a guide to growing them inside and outdoors.

Did you know dwarf sunflowers can be grown and enjoyed indoors in containers?

This packs makes a lovely gift pack contained in an ornate luxury designer envelope with slide fastener.

Give the gift of a card, a beautiful sunflower display and know that all profits go to 2 charities supporting adults living with Muscular Dystrophy.

Illuminated robin Christmas cards

A stylish modern card with a delicate Christmas flower makes this a special keepsake lantern card.

The robin has a lovely glow if you use a flickering battery powered tea light.

Each card like this takes 2-3 days to make as all the flowers have to be cut and hand formed, ribbon threaded and parchment preparation. These are not ‘kit cards’ so you won’t find one anywhere else in the world.

You can purchase this unusual charity Christmas card from my Etsy shop or request a bespoke card to be made for you.

Charity Donation Christmas gifts

Making an online charity donation is a popular ‘gift’. However, you are often left with nothing more than a thank you receipt to print your proof on! Not the most attractive of things to give!

To turn your online donation into a gift, pop the print out into one of these envelopes – tailored to the awareness colour of your chosen charity.

By purchasing this envelope you will also be supporting my fundraising shop where all profits go to my 3 supported charities.


* you tell us the colour and charity

* I will choose a random envelope design that compliments the charity colour.

* Your envelope will be made up with your charity colour behind the awareness symbol on the front.

Includes an ornate blank coloured insert for you to write a message on.

Size : 9 x 5.8 cm

Copper tone awareness charm on the front.

Use the provided blank insert to …

* Write down the charity donation you have made as a gift in their name. Eg ‘I have made a donation of £25 to Muscular Dystrophy UK in your name’.

If you have an internet thank you / gift donation receipt you can pop it into the envelope to turn it into more of a gift.

Ships 1-3 working days, first class within the UK and 2-3 weeks average International.

Buy more than one and just pay one postage fee.

Snow gnome charity Christmas cards

Handmade Nordic scenes for these fun snow gnome 3D Christmas cards for my charity shop. Only one made of each kind so you can gift something your friends or relatives won’t have ten of on display!!

Do you remember the 80s where you would get repeats of the same sets of cards that came out in the shops !! Not any more thanks to handmade cards!!

Baby soft touch Christmas cards

A polar bear family having fun together. Soft touch silky paper and beautifully embellished with foil, ribbon and parchment – unique Christmas greeting cards for my charity shop OhHowLovelyGifts.

Exam and graduation congratulations gift envelopes

Some new envelopes for exam results time. Has your family member made it to university? Know someone who got the exam results they needed for the next step in life?

Say congratulations with a keepsake gift envelope. Perfect for students who would appreciate some money or store card gift – how about putting in a pre paid store card for food shopping or to buy some computer equipment or software for studying?

Each has an insert included to write your special message on to send them on their way.

Available now from ohhowlovelygifts on Etsy.

Top 10 quick and easy gifts using ornate envelopes.

Keeping a stock of ornate envelopes means you can make a quick and easy personalised gift for all occasions.

People will appreciate these keepsakes and enjoy the excitement of opening a pretty envelope to see what’s inside.

You can find the internet’s widest selection of ornate gift envelopes on ohhowlovelygifts – and they come with a feel good factor that all profits go to three U.K. charities supporting adults living with Muscular Dystrophy.

Here is a great top ten of ideas for using gift envelopes – all inspired by people who have told us what they have used them for.

Top 10 ways to use gift envelopes

1) Gift card / store cards

Small envelopes enable you to personalise gift cards with a pretty cover to match the theme of the gift card. Music, gaming, clothes, food – we can cover most occasions.

2) Gifting money

Gifting money at a wedding is a popular custom – and handmade wedding envelopes which can be personalised would add an extra special touch. Taylor them to the wedding theme or colour for a lovely keepsake.

Putting money inside a card is popular gift – consider putting it in a gift envelope for that extra special touch. People have used money gifts in a themed envelope for

  • Weddings
  • Travelling expeditions and camps
  • Passing exams and graduating
  • Baby showers
  • Christmas and birthday presents

3) Lottery ticket favours

Little envelopes are an affordable ornate wedding or event favour that can hold lotto/lottery tickets.

4) Gifting printed internet vouchers.

Nowadays you can buy vouchers online – where you can print out the code for someone rather than buy a plastic throw away gift card. This might be a great way to purchase a voucher but a home printed bit of paper doesn’t exactly make a very visually attractive gift! However, print and send it inside an ornate envelope takes the gift from good to wow.

5) Chocolate gifts and favours

Little envelopes take dinner mints for guest favours and also chocolate coins – great for children’s pirate party games and treasure hunts.

6) Bereavement messages for loss of pets

The loss of a pet can be difficult – and knowing what to say can be even harder. These simple but special message envelopes can show you are thinking of them and they have a memory envelope to store things like a collar tag or other special keepsake.

7) Say congratulations

All envelopes from ohhowlovelygifts come with an ornate insert to write a special keepsake message of congratulations. Perfect for

  • Exam success
  • Passing driving tests
  • X years at work
  • Engagement
  • Birth of your baby / adoption

8) Announcements

Announcements are extra special when it involves opening an envelope! Use the ornate insert for

  • Birth announcements
  • Gender reveal
  • Pregnancy
  • Engagement
  • Holiday destination reveals for children
  • Prize winning

9) Ticket / shows gifts

Quite often people buy venue, theatre or show tickets as presents – but end up with nothing to give as they are ‘collect on the day’ only. With nothing physical to give – tell them about your gift by writing a message in a themed envelope.

10) Gift a promise

Gift a promise where a person can choose a day out or something of their choice. You can also make DIY tokens eg ‘ Redeem this for baby sitting on a night of your choosing’, ‘Redeem this for a family pizza and games/movie night’.

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