Cat or Dog gift envelope plus clay paw print keepsake option.

Gift More Code: Dog

Gift More Code: Cat

Size : Large 12.5 x 8.8 cm (A7)

Make a note of the Gift More Code and envelope or card size.

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£6.50 including p&p.

Handmade, reusable, envelope made from heavy weight card with ribbon slide fastener.

The designs and papers/card are printed by professionals (not on a home printer) to ensure high quality.

See below to add some clay to make a pet paw print ornament as a keep sake for inside your envelope.

Top ten ways people use our envelopes.

The envelope is left with a loose band so that it closes well if stuffed with an A4 folded voucher print out or similar.

Not for children under age 6. Choking hazard.

Add some ‘baby and pet’ safe clay to make paw print ornaments for new pet or pet memories – and store them in your envelope.

Please ask to order the clay and envelope pack. (1 pink or blue clay pack is an additional £6) which comes with ribbon to make 3 print ornaments. Air dry and soft to touch.

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