Choose your theme – personalised gift card envelopes.

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£6.50 including p&p.

Size : 9×5.8 cm (gift card size) or 12.5×8.8 (A7)

Handmade, reusable, envelope made from heavy weight card with ribbon slide fastener.

Tell us the theme eg floral, boy age 12 birthday, Easter, wedding colour gold and red, dinosaurs, cupcakes etc .

We can cover most themes and colours from thousands of designs. Our designs and papers/card are printed by professionals ( not on a home printer) to ensure high quality.

Top ten ways people use our envelopes.

Once you approve a design (and any custom message for the insert or front flower posy ) we will send you a link to purchase your envelope.

The smaller size takes one standard sized gift card holder / membership card (or folded money) etc. the larger size will take an A4 piece of paper folded to size A7 or folded money.

Not for children under age 6. Choking hazard.

Some of our custom designs we have made

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