Gifts card holders for board game enthusiasts

I love playing board games. We’re not talking Monopoly here – there are hundreds of thousands of amazing board games / tabletop games waiting to be discovered. I’m particularly fond of worker placement games like Agricola, collecting resources, choosing what to buy and trying to build a farm that’s better (points wise) than other players!!

Being inspired by the themes, I’ve started making a range of gift card envelopes (voucher / money holders) ideal for board game players.

Please note that some Meeple were harmed in the processes of making these gift card envelopes.

If you would like to buy them for personal use or gifting, then you can find them in my Etsy shop.

I’d like to offer my customers these envelopes

If you would like to help me raise more funds for people living with MD, by offering them in your own shop or games cafe, send me a message via Facebook, Instagram or Etsy.

If you are a charity, you can resell these and make a profit. *

If you are a not a charity, you can offer them to your customers at the same price as I sell them – you can enhance your product and customers can be confident that all profits (after materials) will go to my three charities.

Some styles do not have a restrictive licence and can be sold at a profit – (the style with hexagons and a meeple on them ).

*Due to licensing for the paper designs I use, only registered charities can re-sell at a profit for most envelopes.

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